A tech-powered ecosystem of education content, digital credentials and talent pools to support the skills-based economy.

The rapid evolution of the workforce towards a highly mobile skills-based economy is a surging global megatrend.

Key factors that will shape the future workforce are skills-based hiring platforms, smarter pathways for rapid upskilling and development, and globally interoperable digital credentials coupled with advancements in generative AI. Companies and educational institutions that put skills-based workforce planning in place early will be in a position to win.

Learning Vault was created in anticipation of this evolution, and has built a powerful ecosystem to support the skills-based economy of the future.

Learning Vault Ecosystem

Our leadership team

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    Nicholas Robert Alderdice

    Chief Executive Officer

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    Tony Birrell

    Chief Operating Officer

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    Dan Oak

    Chief Revenue Officer

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    David Sheiles

    Chief Technology Officer


Loreen Tischler

Head of Marketing & Communications


Paige Pearson

Head of Technology & Strategic Projects


Lucas Pevy

Director of Education - ANZ


Kristy Rodgers

Director of Projects


Toby Jones

Director of Innovation


Luke Hutton

Director of Product