Digital credentials are the currency for educators and employers to dynamically trade skills information.

Powerful, innovative, integrated.

Learning Vault’s encrypted digital record solutions are the first of their kind in the world, with the ability to dynamically create digital credentials and compliant certificates that integrate seamlessly with the systems you already use. 

Securely digitising the way you recognise achievements not only helps streamline traditional or paper-based processes, it empowers workers and workforce managers with dynamic, instantly verifiable records of skills and capabilities.

  • A leading provider of global end-to-end credentialing solutions
  • Compliant with global standards including W3C, Open Badges 3.0
  • Compliant with UK standards including iFATE and OfQual


Learning Vault’s digital credentialing architecture allows organisations and institutions to issue secure, verifiable digital credentials and certificates for a recipient's achievements.


Learning Vault has created Australia’s first completely digital and fully AQF compliant certificate issuing technology.

Why are Learning Vault digital
credentials such a game changer?

Flexible and personalised

Credentials can be loaded with any metadata to recognise absolutely any accomplishment or certification.

Secure and tamper-proof

A digital credential is embedded with unique encrypted data stored on secure local servers. Credentials cannot be copied or tampered with in any way.

Verifiable in Real Time

Every credential holds data specific to the individual recipient and issuing organisation which is instantly verifiable in real time. This means that the integrity and credibility of the award or credential is maintained.

Portable and shareable

Digital credentials can be shared on the web and social media by the recipient and are easily recovered or reissued if lost.

Full control

Using our digital platform, institutions have full control over the issueing and management of their credentials. Each credential can have an expiration date for skills that need to be refreshed after a particular amount of time, and credentials can be revoked remotely for whatever reason the issuer deems necessary.

Brand awareness and insights

Published digital credentials carry an organisation’s branding, which supports brand awareness for new enrolments. Institutions can track click-throughs from learners’ credentials to enrolment pages, providing valuable insights for future marketing efforts.


Pathways revolutionise the credentialing landscape by allowing organisations to design recipient journeys composed of interconnected and stacked credentials. This functionality allows allows issuers to create learner pathways that can be assigned to recipients. Users can share individual credentials or certificates, entire pathways and/or the automatically issued final certificates upon completion.


This feature allows issuers to integrate standardised skills descriptions into credential metadata.The "skills" section will search for OpenRSDs and allow the credential creator to select the openRSD association of their choice. This machine-readable feature enhances metadata and future-proofs skills by aligning with the world’s largest open library of skills descriptors.

How are Learning Vault digital
certificates superior?

Australia’s first completely digital and fully compliant certificate issuing technology

  • Generate AQF compliant certificates directly from your SMS
  • 75% more cost-effective than traditional certificate issuing methods
  • 100% online, secure and verifiable
  • Interoperable connectivity with Talent Pool platforms

Fully Compliant

Learning Vault digital certificates incorporate existing compliance requirements from your Certification Documentation structure. Certificate numbers and the issue date are auto-generated, and student-specific training provider and awarding authority information is pulled directly from your student management system.

Seamless Integration

Issuing certificates via Learning Vault is part of an automated workflow that is already built into your student management system. No new processes or lengthy set up time is required.

Instantly Verifiable

Each certificate issued holds within it data that relates to the student’s course history. Learning Vault certificates can be verified in real-time, showing what the student has achieved, when and through which organisation.

Highly Efficient

Awarding authorities and training providers that use Learning Vault save their admin teams nearly a fortnight in certificate issuing time! No more manual processes or digging into files for students’ lost certificates, saving you time and money.

100% Secure

Our data is housed securely on local servers, not overseas. Certificates are unforgeable, so can be relied on as a source of truth for interested parties.

Shareable Achievement

Students with a Learning Vault-issued certificate can share their them to over any social media platform with the click of a button, putting the institution front and centre.

Who uses our digital credential 
and certificate platforms?

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Generate AQF compliant certificates directly from your SMS

75% more cost-effective than traditional certificate issuing methods

100% online, secure and verifiable

Interoperable connectivity with Talent Pool platforms

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Saves valuable resourcing time and money

Integrates with your student management system

No more complicated reissuing of certificates

RTO brand awareness and employment opportunities for students through shareable achievements

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Receive one link to certificates and records – no PDF attachment

Verify certificates with the click of a button

The student’s record of results is instantly accessible via digital credentials and Talent Pools

Customisable solutions tailored to suit your organisational requirements.



Our team of experts are ready to discuss how digital badging and credentials can move your organisation forward. Submit an enquiry or call us today on 1300 662 443.

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