Targeted micro-credentials and accredited course content for the vocational education sector.

We work with leading industry and education experts to produce exceptional vocational training resources, including accredited content, non-accredited content and micro-credentials.
Our resources introduce both traditional and contemporary techniques while encouraging critical thinking and creativity, preparing graduates for their journey to employment.


Short, focused courses for upskilling and professional development.


World-class digital education content to support the vocational sector.


Custom, non-accredited content and accredited content including assessments at request.


Working towards a skills-based economy.


Flexible content options

White labelling

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Over 65,000 hours of empowering micro-credential content


Skills training on food and beverage, reservations, leadership and management skills, recruitment and HR, WHS and more. Perfect for those working in hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs, or any customer service role or management position.


With a focus on building foundational cooking skills and knowledge, we embrace both traditional and contemporary culinary techniques. Includes full-length recipe videos and first-hand expert chef knowledge and tips.


Our business credentials cover the soft skills required to succeed in any career, such as communication, budgeting and problem solving. Real world scenarios are used to provide context and immerse learners.


Collaborating with Tourism Training Australia, we’ve digitised their learning resources to deliver an engaging, blended learning solution that reflects the current needs of the travel industry.


Courses cover customer service, working well in team environments, working safely and productively, and being a true ambassador for retail brands. Our micro-credentials provide contextualised learning scenarios and activities for a more immersive experience.


Working in the healthcare industry requires a huge amount of foundational learning, with industry currency often required. Our detailed and comprehensive suite of micro-credentials provide the skills and knowledge needed to work in the health sector.


Our micro-credentials help to give you the skills and confidence to be able to pick the right business ideas for your venture, effectively market yourself on social media and advertise your brand.

Education content to suit your organisational requirements.


Our team of experts are ready to discuss how micro-credentials can move your organisation forward. Submit an enquiry or call us today on 1300 662 443.

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