An interoperable ecosystem of education content, digital credentials and talent pools to support the skills-based economy.


Education Vault

Award-winning, targeted short courses (micro-credentials) and accredited course content for the vocational education sector.


Credential Vault

Virtual, secure assets issued to validate educational achievements and qualifications. Credentials can be collected, managed and shared via skills wallets and power the ecosystem from education to employment.


Talent Vault

A talent pool platform powered by proprietary algorithms to match Learning Vault credentials with employers and employment criteria. This is the platform to assess suitability for courses, career paths and roles in the industry.

Connecting education to employment.

We make knowledge accessible, portable and applicable across a lifelong learner’s journey through our three key product pillars - Education Vault, Credential Vault, and the soon to be launched Talent Vault.

Based in Australia and the UK, Learning Vault develops resources and technology solutions that actively support education providers, governments and enterprises across the world in facilitating the acquisition, curation, and portability of knowledge-based achievements throughout an individual's lifetime.

Learning Vault Ecosystem

The rapid evolution of the workforce towards a highly mobile skills-based economy is a surging global megatrend.


Key factors that will shape the future workforce are skills-based hiring platforms, smarter pathways for rapid upskilling and development, and globally interoperable digital credentials coupled with advancements in generative AI. Companies and educational institutions that put skills-based workforce planning in place early will be in a position to win.

Learning Vault was created in anticipation of this evolution, and has built a powerful ecosystem to support the skills-based economy of the future.

Talent Pool Popout

Talent Pools

Our Talent Pool, powered by our digital credentials, uses proprietary algorithms to match candidate profiles with education an employment opportunities. Talent Pools bring industry bodies, employers and educators together to identify and deploy a skills-based workforce.